About us

Simbolos e Labirintos is a company that was born on December 24, 2020. It is a relatively recent company that emerged from the need to create a difference in the world of model making.The company owns the DMModelkits brand, which is a brand that has been operating in the online market for some time, knowing the market well and what it is looking for.In an increasingly global world, online has proved to be an essential tool for the growth of any company, and Simbolos e Labirintos is no exception, as it is possible to reach any part of the world in seconds.With the period we are experiencing, the idea of ​​model making, more specifically of Automodelism, which was a little forgotten on our part, reappeared and the bet on this market proved to be a business opportunity.With customers already loyal in several countries, having the manufacture of our own product began to be thought and over time this idea grew and made more and more sense.And this is where we are now, wanting to produce our own products, selling directly to the final consumer through our online store, or selling to worldwide distributors who will make our product reach all lovers of the world of car modeling