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Fire Scale Modeler

Airbrush Cleaning Support

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The latest innovation in airbrush cleaning - the new Cleaning Station! This amazing product goes beyond its primary function of easily removing paint residue from your airbrush, offering additional uses that will revolutionize your airbrushing experience.

First, the Cleaning Station lid doubles as a versatile palette, providing a convenient, easily accessible surface for mixing your paint colors. No more wasting time looking for a separate palette or struggling to find a suitable space to mix your paints - just use our Cleaning Station lid and streamline your creative process.

Second, the lid can also be used as a water reservoir, eliminating the need to constantly refill separate water containers. The built-in water holding capacity allows you to conveniently rinse the airbrush between color changes, ensuring efficient and effortless cleaning. For water-based paints, a quick rinse with water is sufficient. If you are working with solvent-based paints, simply use the appropriate thinner or solvent for optimal cleaning results.

In addition, the Cleaning Station cleverly incorporates a support system for your airbrush. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of holding your airbrush in your hand or looking for a suitable stand - the Cleaning Station provides a stable and secure platform to safely place your airbrush during breaks or when not in use. This not only prevents accidental spills, but also reduces hand fatigue, allowing you to focus on your creativity.

Upgrade your airbrushing setup with the all-in-one cleaning station - a game changer that combines cleaning efficiency, paint-mixing convenience, and airbrush support, all in one remarkable product. Buy yours today and unlock new levels of productivity and ease in your airbrushing journey.