Política de reembolso

Our return policy gets you covered within 15days of receiving your original order, allowing you to return any faulty products, incorrectly shipped products, or those products that for any reason you do not want (although this last case does not apply to products served "on demand"). If the product is faulty or incomplete, please get in contact with us beforehand so we can claim the manufacturer and send you the necessary parts to get a perfect quality product. 

Returned items must reach our warehouse in perfect mint conditions and with unopened and undamaged original packaging, and will be replaced by similar products (if you wish) or refunded on the payment method you used to place the original order. Shipping or returns costs will not be refunded, except when the return is caused by a processing mistake on our side. If your returned products didn't arrive to our warehouse in perfect conditions, a partial refund will be made according to their state. 

All return must be requested and validated beforehand by DModelkits Customer Service department at order.dmodelkits@gmail.com