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Sincom 32E 500ml Synthetic Oil

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Sincom 32 E, a top of the line synthetic fluid specially formulated with a saturated ester base. This high-performance lubricant is infused with carefully selected antioxidant, anti-rust and anti-foam additives to provide unrivaled protection and performance.

Specifically designed for small piston compressors such as those found in dental surgeries and airbrushes, the Sincom 32 E meets the unique lubrication needs of these machines. With its ability to withstand high outlet air temperatures, this fluid meets the latest standards set by leading compressor manufacturers.

One of the main characteristics of Sincom 32 E is its exceptional resistance to oxidation. This remarkable feature significantly extends the interval between load changes, ensuring reliable and long-lasting lubrication. Furthermore, this fluid offers excellent cold smoothing qualities, ensuring easy starts even at extremely low temperatures.

Sincom 32 E stands out for its anti-rust capabilities, effectively protecting all metal surfaces against corrosion caused by condensation and humidity. This reliable protection extends the life of your equipment, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Equipped with a powerful anti-foam additive, Sincom 32 E maintains a consistent oil film for safe and reliable lubrication. This additive ensures uninterrupted performance, preventing any harmful effects of foam on the operation of your compressor.

Additionally, Sincom 32 E excels at controlling odors that can often develop at high temperatures. By neutralizing and minimizing unpleasant odors, this fluid creates a more pleasant and comfortable work environment.

When it comes to compressor lubrication, trust Sincom 32 E to deliver exceptional performance, extended interval between load changes and superior protection against oxidation, rust and foam. Invest in the reliability and longevity of your compressor with the Sincom 32 E.

Package: 500ml bottle